Irving Lodge is pleased to recognize and honor those members who were Raised a Master Mason in 1980 and 1981. Therefore having been a member of this great fraternity for 25 years. The 25 Year Pins will be presented to those who are in attendance at our Stated Meeting on March 14, 2006. We regret that we will be unable to mail pins to those who are not able to attend, but we have a problem with the pins being damaged during mailings. A quick reference to records indicates that the following members are eligible:

Marcelo Brasil
R.O. Campbell Sr.
W. A. “Bill” Davis
Dale Diehl
John Hammond
Steve Hartman
James Hatley
Wayne Jeffreys
Raymon Johnson
John Lannon
Allen Long
Ray Massey
Edwin Perry
Bruce Philpot
Ralph Seeley
Gene Teichman
Gary Long
Tommy Wilkinson