2006-2007 Worshipful Master F. Loyd Hinch

F. Loyd Hinch was born in Rush Springs, Oklahoma on October 13, 1938. He and his wife Sue moved to Irving in about 1963. He was Raised a Master Mason in Irving Lodge #1218 on March 14, 1983. He served as Chaplain of Irving Lodge in 1996-97. In June, 2000 he began a trip through the progressive line of officers in Irving Lodge and on July 1, 2006 he was installed as our leader.

Worshipful Master Hinch is retired but from 8 to 5 work and would list his avocations as music and Masonry. If you haven’t had the opportunity to know him as yet, come to lodge on almost any Monday night. You might catch him playing the mandolin with the Shady Grove Ramblers at other times, or at a Nursing Home or jamming with a fiddle at the Irving Heritage Center on Friday nights.

Irving Lodge is blessed to have Brother Hinch to share his talents, wisdom and leadership with us. Take time to tell Worshipful Master Hinch how much we appreciate him!