Permanent Committes 2007-2008

Mike Woolsey, Dean Donaldson, Doug Brock

Ron Cox, Duane Bower, Bill Adra

Bill Revis, Dean Alexander, John Parrish, Mike Woolsey, John Thalacker

Life Counselor
Mike Woolsey

Certificate / Floor Work
Dean Alexander, Dean Donaldson

Golden Trowel
Butch Murden, Douglas Brock, Loyd Hinch

Charity and Arbitration
Clayton Shores, Raymond Marr, Jimmy Walters

Telephone / Hospitality / Transportation
Raymond Marr, Ron Coats, Mike Jones

Gift of Life
Bob Dunn, James Brandenburg, Bill Revis, Butch Murden, Max Perry

Special Events
Rusty Smith, John Thalacker, Mike Woolsey, Keith Murden, Andy Fulenchek

Financial Advisory
Dean Alexander, Butch Murden

Candidate Information
Michael Shrum

Public Schools Week
Mike Woolsey, Bob Dunn, Andy Fulenchek, David Porter

Candidate Instruction
Butch Murden, Rusty Smith, Michael Shrum

James Brandenburg, Willy Wilburg

Dean Alexander, Dale Fulenchek, Loyd Hinch, John Parrish, Tom Uhr, Bill Connell, R. R. "Dick" Wadsworth

Public Service
Butch Murden, Dean Alexander