To the members of Irving Lodge #1218 this means a problem for each member. Irving Lodge has Endowed Members which annually generates a large portion of our annual income. In 2006 we received from that fund $6442.05. In 2007 we received $7790.00 but in 2008 we received only $4639.80. In this 2009 year we have been inform by Grand Lodge that in all probability there will be no distribution. The fund is set up in increments of $100.00 shares and the rules for distribution is specific that no distribution will be made if the value of each share drops to less than $100.00. This is to protect the principal of the investment. The current is less than $100. Our problem is that a large part of our annual income is cut off for the year 2009. The Lodge is open for any suggestion or help that you, the members, can provide. This is our Lodge and the problems are ours, every members, to solve. We have realized all along that the Endowments did not pay in equal value to our dues. But we have advocated that if we bite the bullet for now, then our future finances would be solid. That concept is still a good one. But we never dreamed that about half of our members would provide no income from the endowments during a year. Your help is solicited. The Lodge needs your help.