(actual engravings on tombstones)
1. “Here lies an Atheist, all dressed up and no place to go”
2. “Here lies Ann Mann, Who lived an old Maid but died an old Mann”
3. “Here lies Johnny Yeast… Pardon him for not rising”
4. “Sir John Strange. Here lies an honest lawyer, and that is Strange”
5. “Under the sod and under the trees, Lies the body of Jonathan Pease.
He is not here, there’s only the pod. Pease shelled out and went to God”
6. “Remember man, as you walk by, As you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so shall you be. Remember this and follow me” (someone wrote the following on his tombstone) “To follow you I’ll not consent, Until I know which way you went”