Irving Masonic Lodge has been active in the Grand Lodge program “Take time to Read”. In 2008 the Lodge sponsored the program at J. O. Davis Elementary School in Irving. Brother Carl E. Jones (aka “ Topper The Magic Clown”) brought the world of magic to about 200 students, from an enrollment of 700 plus, who had accomplished all their reading assignments. The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for children provided bookmarks, pencils, rulers, etc. and Irving Masonic Lodge provided a bicycle to a student in this group who was selected by the school staff.

In 2009, Irving Lodge has again sponsored the “Take Time To Read” program to J. O. Davis School on May 6 and added J. O. Schulze School on May 14. In September, 2009 a tentative scheduled program is planned for M. C. Lively School. The intent of your Irving Lodge in sponsoring these programs are to encourage kids to actually take time to read.