A bit of lodge history

Ellen (Rae Goode) now Crane, granddaughter of Harlan & Inez Goode, step-granddaughter of A.H. Trotter grew up as a child of the lodge.
Ellen writes...

Hi Dean..
I've had some old pictures packed away and just got them out the other day when I realized the lodge had a website. These are from when Granddaddy was Master of the Lodge when the Irving Lodge building was built. I think it was 1947. I scanned them in for the website if you want to use them, I thought a bit of the lodge history might be nice. I really only recognize Granddaddy in the pics and John Brandenburg in the picture in the lodge room.
I also have some newspaper clippings, other memorabilia, pictures, etc. from that time, I don’t know if you have any of them or not. Does the lodge have a lot of that kind of stuff in the records/library?
Thanks so much.
Ellen Crane
Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas

Many thanks to Ellen, here are those pictures.

*Hat tip to Carl Roberts for his part in this post.