As we end the Masonic Year of 2009-2010 we want to take time to thank Worshipful Master Jimmy Walters, whose term of office will come to a close. Worshipful Jimmy Walters has dedicated 6 years to serving as an officer of Irving Lodge #1218. It is not always an easy job, nor is it always convenient to do those things which a man is called on to do as an officer of a Masonic Lodge. Jimmy Walters was Raised a Master Mason on August 21, 2000. In 2004 he started in the progression of offices which brought him to this closing of his year as Master. As a single man , his Mom (Jackie) answered a lot of his telephone calls and took messages when he was not available. To her we express our thanks. To Worshipful Master Jimmy Walters we dedicate this bulletin. Thank you Jimmy.