It has become increasingly difficult for the lodge to operate on the income of our dues at the present level. Dues in Irving Lodge are $75.00 per year. We currently have 440 members in all.

Of these, we have 220 Endowed Members from which no income as been received from the endowments going on the third year now. But yes, some of those endowed member have passed on and are not counted on our active roster.

Then let’s look at the next page. We have about currently 80 members who have been masons for 50 year or more and are not required to pay dues.

Is an increase in annual dues the answer? If so, how much increase should we consider? Let us hear your opinion.

Worshipful Master Mike Shrum will open the floor for discussion on this subject at the Stated Meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. This is your lodge. Your opinion and thoughts on this subject are solicited. Be sure to ATTEND THE MARCH STATED MEETING.