There are some jobs which are a part of an officer responsibilities in a Masonic Lodge. An accepted chore for the Stewards is to provide refreshments at our meetings. Over the past 20 years that chore has evolved into one of major responsibilities. It is now expected by the membership of Irving Lodge that on Stated Meeting nights, a satisfying meal will be provided prior to the meeting. On Degree nights they provide the same after the Meeting and on Monday evenings when no degrees are scheduled, a snack bar is supplied. This is more than just a minor chore for the Stewards and deserves a show of appreciation from the members to the Stewards. Shake their hands and thank them for their extra efforts to satisfy you.

In like manner, the Chaplain leads us with prayers at the meeting and visits the sick, and now has taken on extra chores. At the loss of C. J. Range who, with his wife Joyce, had maintained the records of our Masonic Widows and provided, on behalf of the lodge, Birthday Cards and presents on the birthday of each widow. Also as Christmas approaches each year, they sent, on behalf of the lodge, a present and card to show our appreciation of the widows of our deceased Brothers. Also, C. J., with the help of Joyce, headed up the Widow’s Fruit Basket Committee. But with the passing of C. J., Joyce passed these chores of love to Brother Chaplain and Past Master Butch Murden and his wife Linda. They took up the responsibilities and are due a word of thanks for this time consuming job, for which we all receive credit. Let them know how much we appreciate Butch and Linda.