In 1872 the Commissioner of Patents held that the Masonic Emblem could not be used in a trademark or trade name for commercial purposes.

In 1860 in Limerick, Ireland, there is found a stone in a small chapel, dated 1517, with the following inscription: “I will serve to live with love and care, upon the level, and by the square.”

In 1789 Dr. Edward Jenner discovered the vaccination process against smallpox. He was Worshipful Master of Faith and Friendship Lodge #270 in Berkeley, England at the time.

The first Confederate Capitol in Missouri was in the Masonic building in Neosho, Missouri. From here the State Legislation passed the Act of Secession.

Winnedumah Lodge #287 in Bishop, California holds its meetings at 270 feet below sea level, the lowest lodge in North America.

In 1892, the tallest building in the world was the Masonic Temple at Randolph and State Streets in Chicago, Illinois.