“In all fraternal work, no particular symbol is indispensable – yet none are useless. The amount or degree of available usefulness usually depends on our sincerity – our desire to impress, and above all, to avoid a complexity that may be devoid of the simplest teaching in portrayal, enhancing and understanding.

Every symbol in our Masonic endeavors should and does represent, without any equivocation, an individual’s clear rational factor in living. Some may differ in appearance, yet they augment the simplest truth. Probably, the most important and unalloyed of all Masonic symbols – is the Apron. The Apron is white - it is impressed one’s mind as a character of purity, charitableness and Fraternal love.

It cannot be denied that the Apron, down the centuries of practice and legends in any language, is indeed older than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle – more honorable than any other covering or adornment. Well can it be said that its adornment on a Mason, indeed denotes a common level of good morals not to be laid aside.

Whether you or I should ever care or merit a laurel wreath to be laid across our coffin, our brethren would not forget the white Apron, that we are remembered as endeavoring to build and labor well in life

To the Great Fraternity of Masons, let it be remembered that the soul travels through all paths, and there is found the revelation of truth, brotherly love, and charity which is the protective apron of the virtues we strive for.”
(excerpts from an article by Gilbert C. Lamb in Masonic Review 1960)

An Atheist is not acceptable as a member in Masonry. But no matter what path you believe your soul may take to reach it’s acceptance into heaven, certainly a good moral character, truthfulness and charity will be judged.