In last months bulletin that question was asked, “Should we raise the amount of our dues?”
At the March Stated Meeting the question will again be asked. Everyone will be permitted to ask questions and state their opinion. If there is a favorable consensus, a resolution will be read to raise the annual dues by a change in the By-Laws of Irving Lodge, and be open for discussion and amendment if necessary. At the next Stated Meeting of this lodge following, the resolution shall again be read and voted upon without further amendments. If approved by a majority of two-thirds of the votes of the members present, it shall become a part of the By-Laws of Irving Lodge.
If you have not paid your dues for year 2011, please do so as soon as possible. We do not anticipate
any appreciable return on the Endowed Memberships again this year. Any donations by our members to offset that shortfall in our income will be greatly appreciated.