Sometimes, someone asks what is proper dress when attending a Masonic Lodge meeting. This often prompts an answer that has been handed down through the years. The early advice excluded the wearing of walking or sports shorts to a tiled meeting. So a trip to the lodge library might be in order.

The book published in 1978 entitled “Freemasonry and its Etiquette” was pulled from the shelf. It spends a page relating to dinner meetings and the practice of promoting the wearing of evening dress as far as may be done without wounding the susceptibilities of any individual member who, from any cause may deviate from the general rule.

In our present society, that would probably mean a coat and tie. It goes on to address the fact that due to the early hour of some meetings, some members have acquired the habit of attending Lodge in the habiliments of ordinary every-day life.

In this respect each Lodge is, as a rule, governed by its own custom and usage; but members should strive to attain to a higher standard of propriety in the matter of dress rather than to a lower level.