It’s that time of year when the bills come due and the annual dues in the Masonic Lodges in Texas are also due. Irving Lodge voted to increase the amount of our annual dues to $100.00. Lodge dues are payable in advance. This means that your year 2012 dues of $100.00 should be paid by December 31, 2011. But if you haven’t paid those dues yet, not to worry, but do it now. The Lodge will still accept donations and bequests. Better than mailing your dues in, bring the dues to Lodge at Stated Meetings or almost any Monday Night. We look forward to seeing you in the lodge meetings during this coming year. If you would prefer to spend 44 cents to mail your dues, send it to P. O. Box 170397, Irving, Tx. 75017. But we would much rather see you bringing it to lodge on a meeting night.