Congratulations to the Officers of Irving Lodge for this Masonic Year.  On Saturday, June 30, 2012 the following Officers were installed:

W:. M:. Bill Adra
S:. W:. David Gisler
J:. W:. Tony Head
Chapl:. Jimmy Walters
S:. D:. John Samuel
J:. D:. Carl Roberts
S:. S:. Larry Gammill
J:. S:. Ron Cox
M:. C:. Kevin Kasky
Tiler:. Ron Coats

It was not required to install Mike Woolsey as Treasurer nor Dean Alexander as Secretary as they had been previously installed into those respective offices.

Make welcome these dedicated brothers as they provide leadership during this Masonic Year. Let them know that you appreciate the hard work and time they spend in order to assure that we can always be proud of this Irving Lodge of ours.