Saturday Sept.   15
6:30 P.M.
Honor Past Masters (covered dish dinner)

Monday Sept.   17
7:00 P.M.
Confer Entered Apprentice  Degree

Monday Sept.   24
7:00 P.M.
Confer Fellowcraft Degree

Wednesday Sept.   26
6:30 P.M.
MWSA Meets & eats. (Scottish Rite Hospital)

Thursday Sept.   27
6:30 P.M.
Officers, P.M.s & Ladies Dinner (Spring Creek Bar-B-Que)

Monday Oct.    01
7:00 P.M.
Confer Entered Apprentice Degree

Monday Oct.    08
7:00 P.M.
Examinations and Mail bulletins

Tuesday Oct.    09
6:30 P.M.  Light Meal

Special Notices:   Irving Lodge will honor Past Master’s this month on Saturday, September 15, 2012. With another short notice, we would ask each member to assist in getting the word out.  The honor and presentation of 50 Year and More Awards will be on Saturday, October 20, 2012 with a covered dish dinner at 6:30 P.M. On that same October 20 the Grand Lodge Family Day will be held at the Texas Masonic Retirement Center in Arlington from 10 AM to 4 PM

Notice: Past Master Dean Donaldson will conduct ritual instructions on Tuesday Nights at 6:30 P.M. and should be over no later than 8 P.M.  This will be every Tuesday Night when no lodge work has been scheduled, and when Brother Donaldson is in town.  Participation is encouraged, but sitting on the sideline is allowed for any who have received the degree being studied.


Each year Irving Lodge selects and installs a new Worshipful Master.  If you are able to attend lodge regularly, you will have had a chance to meet the installed officers.  If you don’t know him, let me introduce to you the current Worshipful Master of Irving Lodge #1218 for the Masonic Year 2012-’13,
Nabeel (Bill) Tarek Adra.  Bill was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1956.  He moved to Texas in 1974. As a young man he joined Irving DeMolay Chapter.  He is VP of Operations for Adra Electric Products, Inc.
In September, 2006 Brother Bill Adra Petitioned Irving Masonic Lodge and was Raised a Master Mason on the 15th day of January, 2007.  He has served as the Senior Steward, Junior Deacon, Senior Deacon, Senior Warden and was installed as Worshipful Master on June 30, 2012. Worshipful Brother Bill attended the Grand Lodge Warden’s Retreat and Leadership Training Course in August, 2011 to help prepare himself for this office of leadership.  If you already know your Worshipful Master, shake his hand and let him know you support him.  If you haven’t met him yet, come to lodge and get acquainted, or go to lunch with him and get to know your leader.                          


Another Honor Night with a covered dish dinner.  On September 15, 2012 Irving Lodge will honor our Past Masters for their many years of service. Past Masters of a Masonic Lodge are men who have
been the life’s blood of a lodge for several years.  Some retire to the sideline and some remain active in the work of the lodge.  Yet, all have worked in the quarries of Freemasonry. They are our fathers in masonry and have handed down to the current generation the foundation for pleasant and happy hours in masonic labor.  Please join us as we honor this distinguished group of Masonic Workers.

A covered dish dinner will be enjoyed at 6:30 P.M. with the honorarium to follow. This Honor Night is open to all friends of masonry. Bring your friends and neighbors. The lodge will provide meat, drinks and bread.  All others are asked to bring a vegetable, salad, or dessert.


The Masters, Wardens and Secretaries Assoc. meets on the 4th Wednesday each month. A meal will be served at 6:30 P.M.  The September meeting will be on Wednesday the 26th at the Scottish Rite Hospital. At this meeting Grand Master Jim Brumit will present the Dallas Police Officer of the Month.  Attendance is very educational at the MWSA meetings, especially for those who aspire to be a lodge officer.


*If a man yells “YOU LIE!” in a room full of politicians, how do they know who he’s talking to?

*Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall off the cone.

*The Cardiologist’s diet: “If it tastes good, spit it out!”

*How did we put man on the moon before we figured out how to put wheels on luggage?

For Golfers: An elderly golfer was complaining to his wife that his eyesight had gotten so bad he couldn’t see where his ball went after he hit it.  His wife said, “That’s understandable at your age Jack, why don’t you take my brother Scott along.  He’s 85 but his eye sight is perfect and he could watch your ball. The next day jack teed off with Scott looking on. Jack swung, and the ball disappeared down the middle of the fairway. “Do you see it?” asked Jack.  “Yup,” Scott answered.  “Well, where is it?” asked Jack, peering off into the distance. “I forgot,” said Scott.

After putting her grandchildren to bed, a grandmother changed into old slacks and a droopy blouse and proceeded to wash her hair.  As she heard the children getting more and more rambunctious, her patience grew thin.  At last she threw a towel around her head and stormed into their room, putting them back in bed with stern warnings. As she left the room, she heard the three year old say with a trembling voice, “Who was THAT?”