(copied from the Masonic Review, First Quarter, Book 3, 1960)

“Blessed is the Mason who casts aside doubts and fear and puts his trust in God; for his Faith will bring joy to his soul.  Blessed is he whose cheery smile and hearty handclasp at his lodge room door radiates a sincere Welcome; for gracious Hospitality is a test for Brotherly Love.   Blessed is the Mason who is ever ready to extend a helping hand in relief; for the greatest of these is charity.   Blessed is he whose service to the craft is a labor of Love; for his is a heart that is happy and aglow with melody.  Blessed is the Mason whose morality is on the square, conduct by the Plumb and who meets all men on the Level; for his is a Friendship that is of more value than gold.  Blessed is the Mason whose numerous visits bring comfort to the sick and to the weary; for his cable Tow is truly imbued with Love for his Brethren.”