In or about 1969, the Secretary of Irving Lodge, Brother Roscoe Christy suffered a heart attack.
Past Master Dean Alexander filled in for about 6 weeks.  In October, 1979, Brother Christy could no longer perform the duties of Secretary and passed the Baton of Secretary to Dean Alexander. In June, 1980 Past Master Dean Alexander was elected and installed as the Secretary. For 32 + years, everyone was aware that Brother Alexander was the Secretary. But time moves on, and there always becomes a time to make a change.  With a little training, Past Master John Thalacker is attempting to prepare himself to accept the duties of Secretary of Irving Lodge.  As the Worshipful Master deserves the pledge
of your support, so does a new Secretary, as he faces the many unfamiliar situations that will come his way.   This, my Brothers, for the best interest of Irving Lodge, is a pledge that you and I should be happy to extend.