Age: At least 16 years of age and in good general health. Sixteen-year-olds must have written parental consent. There is no upper age limit.

Weight: Minimum of 110 pounds.

Medications: Cannot give if currently taking antibiotics for treatment. Cannot give if taking Accutane, Propecia or Proscar. Platelet donors cannot give if taking aspirin or Plavix. OK to give if taking vitamins, birth control, or medicine for: allergies, blood pressure, thyroid replacement, female hormones, anxiety or high cholesterol, as well as most other medications.

Eating: Eat a low-fat meal within two to four hours before giving.

Drinking: Drink lots of water or juice before and after donating. Avoid alcoholic beverages for 12 hours before and after donating.

Shots: OK after allergy shots, influenza vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine, tetanus shot.

Strenuous activity: Avoid for 12 hours after donating. Individuals with a hazardous or strenuous job should donate at the end of their work shift.

Cancer: OK to donate after curative treatment for basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer. For melanoma and most solid tumors, including those due to breast cancer, it is OK to give two years after completion of all treatment. Exceptions are noted under "Permanent disqualifications."

Diabetes: OK if controlled by human or porcine insulin, oral medication or diet.