Saturday October 12
10:00 am
Texas Masonic Family Day
Texas Masonic Retirement Center Arlington

Monday October 14
7:00 pm
Confer Master Masons’ Degree

Tuesday October 15
6:30 pm
Study Club – Conferring Master Mason Degree

Monday October 21
7:00 pm
Degree or practice floor work

Tuesday October 22
6:30 pm
Study Club – Opening & closing in all three degrees

Thursday October 24
6:30 pm
Officers & Past Masters dinner @ Fish City

Saturday October 26
6:30 pm
Presentation of 50/60 Year Masonic Service Awards

Monday October 28
7:00 pm
Degree or practice floor work

Tuesday October 29
6:30 pm
Study Club – Round robin Questions & Answers EA

Wednesday October 30
7:30 pm
Joint meeting with the 64th Districts and meet the candidates for the Grand South. @ Texas Masonic Retirement Center

Monday November 4
7:00 pm
Degree or practice floor work

Tuesday November 5
6:30 pm
Study Club – Conferring the Entered Apprentice degree

Thursday November 7
7:30 pm
Officers visit Love Field Lodge #1274

Monday November 11
7:00 pm
Examinations & Bulletin Mailing
Veterans Day

Tuesday November 12
6:30 pm Light Meal
7:30 pm Stated Meeting

Looking Ahead
Saturday November 16
8:00 am
Past Masters Breakfast / Reunion


Irving Lodge #1218 is pleased to announce the presentation of Masonic Service Awards.  A covered dish dinner will be enjoyed at 6:30 pm with the presentations to follow.  These presentations will be made for members who have served our gentle fraternity for half a century or more.
Expected to receive the 65 year award is Brother Zolon A. Wilkins Sr.  Joined by 60 year members: James E. Brooks, Bill H. Brown and Monte A. Crawford.  Receiving their first Masonic Service Award are Charles H. Young and Alton S. Reeves for 50 years of faithful Masonic service.
Others not able to attend; for the 65 Year Award: Carl W. Dorety.  For the 60 Year Award: Welborn B. Johnson.  And for the 50 Year Award: Cranfill A. Carlton, Robert W. Owens, Larry E. Jensen, and Jon A. Niemuth.  These Brothers will receive their Masonic Service Award directly from Grand Lodge.


From the music stage, to the car show, motorcycle show, food booths, BBQ competition, meeting old friends and new friends, to the petting zoo, to the bounce house, craft booths, novelty booths; This is a great afternoon!!!
It is a time to spend with your family and friends in the shaded comfort of a pecan grove at Texas Masonic Retirement Center in Arlington.  It is also a golden opportunity to showcase the value of masonry to your non-masonic friends.  Invite your co-workers, neighbors, potential petitioners & church members.  This event gets bigger and better every year!!  Saturday October 12th starting at 10:00 am


I before E except when you are on a feisty heist on a weird, beige, weighty, foreign neighbor.

Grandma: Were you a good girl at church today, Missy?
Missy: Yes, I was.  When the nice man offered me a whole plate of money, I said, “No, thank you”.

Sunday school teacher: Phil, who was the first woman?
Phil: I don’t know.
Sunday school teacher: I’ll give you a hint.  It had something to do with an apple.
Phil: Oh, I know.  Granny Smith!

The preacher stopped in the middle of his powerful sermon to ask, “Who is God, anyway?”
From the back of the church, a little boy said, “God is a chauffeur.”
“Why do you say that?” asked the preacher.
“Because,” said the boy, “He drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.”