Irving Lodge #1218 is pleased to announce the presentation of Masonic Service Awards.  A covered dish dinner will be enjoyed at 6:30 pm with the presentations to follow.  These presentations will be made for members who have served our gentle fraternity for half a century or more.
Expected to receive the 65 year award is Brother Zolon A. Wilkins Sr.  Joined by 60 year members: James E. Brooks, Bill H. Brown and Monte A. Crawford.  Receiving their first Masonic Service Award are Charles H. Young and Alton S. Reeves for 50 years of faithful Masonic service.
Others not able to attend; for the 65 Year Award: Carl W. Dorety.  For the 60 Year Award: Welborn B. Johnson.  And for the 50 Year Award: Cranfill A. Carlton, Robert W. Owens, Larry E. Jensen, and Jon A. Niemuth.  These Brothers will receive their Masonic Service Award directly from Grand Lodge.