We have a group of 8 to 12 who come to learn.  This is necessary for those Brothers advancing through the chairs, as they learn not only the wording but also the motions, e.g. When to gavel, when to stand, when to move, etc.  We work on opening and closing in all the degrees and Conferring degrees.  It is almost impossible to learn all the wording in this short time, so the Brothers have to learn a lot outside this study time.  They come to Study Club to get it all together.  Questions and situations that arise are worked on.  There is usually someone at lodge during the evening to work with those Entered Apprentice or Fellowcraft Masons who need help.  We can schedule evenings to include those Brothers in a Study Club session.

If any of you Brothers are feeling left out, we would enjoy having you come and join us for a learning and fellowship evening.  Study Club is held Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 PM (excluding the 2nd Tuesday of the month) and ending at 8:00 PM.