Father wished for a little relief from answering questions while he read his Sunday paper.  The paper contained a full-page map of the world.  A brilliant idea was born.  Dad took the map to the dining room table, cut it into zig-zag pieces and told his little bunch of questions that she couldn’t ask another until she had put the map together.  He figured two peaceful hours, but in a few minutes the little tot called dad to see the completed work.  “How did you get it together so quickly?” dad wished to know.  “As you started to cut the map up I noticed there was a picture of a man on the other side.  I turned the pieces over, put the man together, and when the man was put together right the whole world was all right.”

I need not point out the moral in that story.  Have we ever had a calamity, have we ever had a crisis, have we ever been in any kind of mess that wasn’t due to men not being put together right?  When men are put together right, the whole world will be all right.  It is Masonry’s job to see that men are put together right.  – Elbert Bede