Thanks to the worker bees we had a very successful cleanup of the Lodge.  On Oct 25th nine of us met at Joe’s for breakfast and then went to the Lodge, where two more brothers had already started working, and cleaned the Lodge from top to bottom.  We were done by 10:30 AM.

Hopefully this can lead to a monthly clean-up of the Lodge building and outside areas.  This is not a closed group, anyone who has the time for an hour or so Saturday morning can join us, the more the quicker we are through.  Any Brother that sees something that needs to be done around the Lodge should list it with Secretary John Thalacker so that it can be taken care of.

Our next clean up shall be Saturday December 6th.  At 8am, we will meet at PJ’s for breakfast, and then meet at Lodge at 9am.  This time we will clean up the parking and front of lodge, clean bathrooms and any other work needed.  Anyone who has a leaf blower please bring it.  If you can make this next clean-up party, call Dean Donaldson or the Secretary (972) 253-5600 and let them know if you are coming, so that we can notify PJ’s on how many will be for breakfast.