Saturday  August 15
6:30 PM
Remember Masonic Widows & Honor Funeral Committee Members
(covered dish dinner)

Monday August 17
6:00 PM
Social Hour

Tuesday August 18
6:30 PM
Masonic ritual instruction (Study Club)

Monday August 24
6:00 PM
Social Hour

Tuesday August 25
6:30 PM
Masonic ritual instruction (Study Club)

Thursday August 27
6:30 PM
Officers, Past Masters & Ladies dinner @ Spring Creek BBQ

Monday August 31
6:30 PM
Social Hour

Tuesday September 1
6:30 PM
Masonic ritual instruction (Study Club)

Saturday September 5
Noon – 6PM
“Gift of Life” blood drive supporting Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

Monday September 7
6:30 PM
Labor Day - Dark
Skeleton crew to do newsletter preparation

Tuesday September 8
7:30 PM
Stated Meeting + light meal at 6:30 PM
Official reception of RW:. DDGM:. JDarrell Kirkley

Monday September 14
7:00 PM
Candidate Examinations make-up date

Save the date …
Saturday September 19
6:30 PM
Honor Past Masters (covered dish dinner)

HONOR WIDOWS AND FUNERAL COMMITTEE —  Irving Lodge is always pleased to recognize and honor our Masonic Widows.  A night has been set aside on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 6:30 P.M. when a covered dish dinner will be shared as we honor two special groups.  It is always a special night as we honor our Masonic Widows.   Honoring the Funeral Committee at the same time is a natural.  The Widows are close to our hearts and the Funeral Committee is so close to our emotions when we lose another friend and brother.  This meeting is open to each and all of our families, friends and those interested in the Masonic Family.  The lodge will provide meat, drinks, and bread.  All others are asked to bring a vegetable, salad, or dessert.

THE DISTRICT DEPUTY GRAND MASTER VISITS —  Texas Masonic year 2015-2016 is in full swing.  This includes the pleasure of honoring the District Deputy Grand Master for District 14B, R:. W:. JDarrell Kirkley.  He is making his Official Visit at this Stated Meeting of Irving Lodge on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.

The District Deputy Grand Master is a representative of the Grand Master and on his Official Visit is to be accorded the same recognition and honor due the Grand Master. A proper reception will be made near the first of the meeting and his message from the Grand Master will be delivered at the end of business.  After his speech, no other business will be conducted and no other speeches or comments from the membership will be accepted.  Time to visit with our honored guest will be before or after the meeting.  Officers are asked to dress in coat and tie.

COME AND GIVE OR HELP!! —  Our next Gift of Life Blood Drive will be Saturday, September 5, from noon to 6:00pm at Irving Mall.  The Carter Blood Care bus will be parked just out from Los Lupes Restaurant and our table will be set-up just inside the south entrance door.  Do your part and come and give or help us ask shoppers to donate blood after they finish shopping.

UNUSUAL FACTS ABOUT GEORGE WASHINGTON — Our first President, an active Master Mason, had a number of unusual quirks.  Here are a few as published in the “Trestleboard,” the newsletter of Washington Daylight Lodge #14 in the District of Columbia.

George Washington joined the British Navy at the age of 14.

His education was provided by his father and his brother Lawrence.

His father owned 10,000 acres of land in Virginia and was also part owner of an iron mine.

George Washington was the only President to be elected unanimously.

He never wore a powdered wig, which was the fashion of gentlemen at that time.

George Washington never shook hands with anyone.

George Washington was the first to travel to a foreign country as President (Barbados).

George Washington had all of his teeth removed at age 57.

He was employed  by Lord Fairfax as a surveyor in Culpeper County, VA.

His favorite foods were pineapple and Brazil nuts.

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what the day may bring.” Proverbs 27:1

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