A.F.& . A.M.

 7:30 P.M.

 Irving, Texas

as copied by Brother Jerry W. Wicker 09/21/16

 (Revised 12-12-72)
 IRVING LODGE No. 1218. A. F. & A. M.
 Irving, Texas
All laws set forth herein are not intended to transgress in any manner with the word or intent of the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge of Texas A. F. & A. M. In the event of any conflict of word or intent, these By-Laws yield final authority to the Grand Lodge and to the Constitution, Laws and Regulations.

 Name of the Lodge
 This Lodge was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Texas on the fifth day of December 1924, and shall be known by the name and style of Irving Lodge No. 1218  of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
 This Lodge subscribes to and shall be governed by the Constitution, Laws, Resolutions and Edicts of the Grand Lodge of Texas and these by-Laws.

 Meetings of the Lodge
 Section 1. The Stated Meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of every month, at 7:30 o’clock  p. m.
 Section 2. Called meetings may be made by the Worshipful Master (or in his absence or inability to serve, by those in order as ascribed by the Grand Lodge), at such times as they, or either of them having the right to act, may think important, or to the interest of the Craft.


 Section 3. As many members as possible and practical should be notified of such called meeting, and no business shall be transacted at the same, except such as was specified in the call.
 Officers of the Lodge
 The Officers of this Lodge shall be a Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary, Chaplin, Senior and Junior Stewards and Tiler.

 Election of Officers
 Section 1. The Worshipful Master, Wardens, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be elected annually, all other officers shall be appointed.
 Section 2. The elections of officers shall be held in all cases in accordance with the rules of the Grand Lodge of Texas.

 Duties of the Officers
 Section 1. Worshipful Master: it shall be the duty of the Worshipful Master to see that the By-Laws of the Lodge, as well as the Constitution and Regulations of the Grand Lodge are duly observed, and that the officers attend strictly to their duties.
 Section 2. Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to attend to his duties as ascribed by the Grand Lodge; to receive all monies from the hands of the Secretary, passing his receipt for the same; and pay them out only upon the order of the Worshipful Master and the consent of the Lodge. He may receive for


his services such amount as may be determined by the Lodge as proper compensation and he shall be exempt from dues.
 Section 3. Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to carefully observe the proceedings of the Lodge; make a correct record of all things proper to be written, and to receive all monies due the Lodge; turning them over to the Treasurer, taking his receipt for the same. He shall be attentive to all duties of his office as ascribed by the Grand Lodge. For his services he may receive such amount as may be determined by the Lodge as proper compensation and he shall be exempt from dues.
 Section 4. Tiler: It shall be the duty of the Tiler to see that the Lodge Room is kept in order; and the various articles of the furniture are in their appropriate places and to strictly guard the door during the sitting of the Lodge; to summons the members of the Lodge to all called meetings where a summons is necessary and to perform such duties as may be ascribed to him by the Worshipful Master or the Grand Lodge. For the performance of these duties he may, at the discretion of the Lodge, be properly compensated.
 Section 5. Others; The duties of all other officer, not herein stated, shall be as ascribed by the Grand Lodge. They shall cheerfully assist the Worshipful Master in the performance of his duties and shall constantly strive to advance the interest of our Order.

 Standing Committees
 Section 1. Charity and Arbitration Committees: The Worshipful Master , Senior and Junior Wardens shall constitute a standing committee on charity and arbitration, a majority of whom may at all times act responsible to the Lodge. Their duties are as follows:
        (A) Charity: It is their duty to examine all claimants for assistance and, if necessary, they may draw upon the Treasurer, in each instance, for an amount not exceeding twenty-five dollars: reporting the facts in each case to the Lodge at its next Stated Meeting, thereafter.


       (B) Arbitration: It shall be the duty of this committee to settle all differences between Brethren, as may be practical and with discretion, unless the parties prefer to bring the matter before the Lodge.
 Section 2. Sickness Committee: This committee shall be a standing committee but its members shall be appointed annually by the Worshipful Master at the first Stated Meeting following his installation. It shall be their duty to visit all sick Brethren as far as is practical; to take such action, after ascertaining their condition and necessities, as they may deem proper and necessary, both in regard to the Brother and his family and /or their concern to the Charity Committee. 
 Section 3. Financial Advisory Committee: it shall be the duty of the Worshipful Master, at the first Stated Meeting following his installation each year to select a committee of Master Masons who are discreet, and members of this Lodge to advise on matters of insurance and major improvement. The master may add specialist at any time he so desires.
 Section 4. The Audit Committee: It shall be the duty of the Worshipful Master, at the first Stated Meeting following his installation, to appoint a committee of three Master Masons who are discreet and are members of this Lodge, to examine and audit the books of the Lodge as soon as is possible and to make a written report to the Lodge of their findings.
 Section 5. Life Membership Committee: It shall be the duty of the Worshipful Master, at the first Stated Meeting following his installation, to appoint a committee of three Master Masons who are member of this Lodge to study and make recommendations for Life Membership, or  none, in  each instance being consistent with the requirements of Article315 of the By-Laws of the Grand Lodge and which, by this reference, is made a part thereof.
 Section 6. Building Committee: It shall be the duty of the Worshipful Master, at the first Stated Meeting following his installation, to appoint a committee of Master Masons who are members of this Lodge to attend to the general maintenance of the Lodge building; to inspect and advise on major alterations and repairs and to assist in the general upkeep of the building when called upon by the Worshipful Master.


 Special Committees
 The Worshipful Master may appoint special committees to assist him in the administration of his duties. These committees may be appointed for a specific duty and promptly dismissed or may be appointed to serve during his term. All special committees are strictly at the pleasure of the Worshipful Master and may be dismissed and/or replaced at any time.

 Fees for Degrees
 The fees for the Degrees of this Lodge shall be as follows: For Initiation $30.00; Passing $30.00; and Raising $40.00. These fees must be collected before the conferring of that Degree and in all cases must never be less than the minimum required by the Grand Lodge.

 Lodge Dues
 Section 1. Each member of this Lodge (unless exempted) shall pay dues from the time of his Raising or Affiliation, at the rate of $12.00 per year but shall not be less than the minimum required by the Grand Lodge. These dues are payable in advance and must be paid to the Secretary on or before the twenty-third day of June of each year.
 Section 2. Certain exemptions, as herein stated and are provided by the Grand Lodge, will exist. Also, an exemption may be provided by majority vote of this Lodge at a Stated Meeting.


 Miscellaneous  Regulations
 Weapons: Weapons, either offensive or defensive, shall no be carried into the Lodge Room.

 Order of Business
 At Stated Meetings, after opening the Lodge in due and ancient from, a quorum being present, the order of business, unless otherwise ordered by the Lodge or Worshipful master, shall be as follows:
 1. Reading, correcting and approval   of minutes of previous meetings.
 2. Receiving and referring to committees of petitions and applications.
 3. Reports of Standing Committees.
 4. Reports of Special Committees.
 5. Balloting on petitions and applications.
 6. Unfinished business.
 7. New business, motions, resolutions, etc.
 Rules of Business
 The rules for conducting the business of this Lodge shall be nearly as possible the same as those prescribed by the Grand Lodge and in addition, as follows:


 Section 1. When a question is decided, the same matter shall not again be acted on during that meeting, unless on motion to reconsider, which can only be made by a member voting in the majority, and at that or the next Stated Meeting, when there must be an equal or greater number of members present than when the action was had.
 Section 2. All questions of order shall be decided by the Worshipful Master without appeal or debate; but the Master may ask the advise of any member before deciding; and he has he right, at any time to declare the Lodge closed or called off, for the purpose of stopping angry debate or confusion.
 Section1. No amendment of these By-Laws, either by alteration or addition, shall be made, unless in the following manner:
        1. The proposed amendment must be in writing, signed by the proposer, and presented and read at a Stated Meeting of this Lodge, at which time it may be discussed and amended if necessary.
        2. At the next Stated Meeting of this Lodge, following, it shall again be considered and voted upon without further amendment, and if approved by a majority of two-thirds of the votes of the members present, shall become a part of these By-Laws, upon compliance with the other provisions of this article.
 Section 2. All amendments of these By-Laws will be effective upon approval of the Lodge so far as they do not conflict with the Laws of the Grand Lodge.

 Adoption of Revised by-Laws
 The above revised by-Laws, having been approved by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas A. F. & A. M. , on the 5th day of December, A. D. 1973, for adoption; this is to certify that Irving Lodge No. 1218, A. F. &A. M., located at Irving, Texas, has adopted the same on December 12, 1972.

Jerry W. Wicker
214 336-1482

Irving Freemason Newsletter JULY / AUGUST 2016



MASONIC SERVICE AWARDS — As we close the book on Masonic Year 2015-2016 it appears we will celebrate in October this year several Masonic Birthdays under the Grand Lodge 50 Year Masonic Service Award Program. We will have one 70 Year member, one 65 Year members, three 60 Year Members and five 50 Year Members.  When the Grand Lodge approves the awards, we will publish the names in our bulletin.

OFFICERS FOR MASONIC YEAR 2016 - 2017 — Brethren, please get to know your officers and lend them your support as they provide leadership during this Masonic Year.  Recognize their hard work and the time they spend in order to assure that we can always be proud of this Irving Lodge of ours.

Carl Roberts, Worshipful Master

Ron Coats, Senior Warden

Larry Gammill, Junior Warden

Bill Adra, Treasurer and Past Master

Jimmy Walters, Secretary and Past Master

Bill Connell, Chaplain

Ron Cox, Senior Deacon

Mark Tilley,  Junior Deacon

Dustin Lloyd Carter,  Senior Steward

Jackie A. Martin Jr., Master of Ceremonies

Kevin Kasky, Tiler

We have pictures

UPCOMING FAMILY NIGHTS — Worshipful Master Carl Roberts has set aside the following Saturday evenings for Family Night covered dish dinners.

It’s important to know these dates may change.  Stay tuned to this newsletter

September 17th
Honor Masonic Widows and Funeral Committee

October 22th
Honor 50 Year Masons (Masonic Service Awards)

December 10th
Lodge Christmas Party

February 11th
Sweetheart’s Dinner

March 18th
Honor Community Builder Award Recipient

April 22th
Golden Trowel Award

Many other activities are planned.
Watch this newsletter for announcements and updates.

Irving Freemason Newsletter JUNE / JULY 2016



INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS — Irving Masonic Lodge #1218 is pleased to invite you and your friends to the Installation of Officers for the Masonic Year 2016 - 2017 on Saturday, June 25, 2016.  Installation will begin in the Lodge Room at 7:00 P.M.  Following the usual course of progression, Brother Carl Roberts will be installed as the Worshipful Master.  In addition, other brethren will be installed into their newly elected and appointed offices.  The ceremony is enlightening for those who are not familiar with the intent and purposes of this ancient Order of Freemasonry.  Past Master Dean Donaldson will be the Installing Officer and Past Master David Gisler will be the Installing Marshall.  The principles and ideals of Freemasonry are enumerated during the ceremony. A cordial reception with refreshments will be held in the C. J. Range Memorial Hall downstairs after the Installation Ceremonies.

4TH OF JULY PARADE — Everyone loves a parade!  The Worshipful Master has promised that the downstairs of the Lodge building will be open for a break from the heat.  Please do not take the chairs of the lodge outside.  Bring your lawn chair.  The coke box will be open but remember that this is an honor system and the lodge requests a donation of $ .50 for all drinks taken.  Please help us keep down the cost to the lodge for providing these conveniences.

PASSING THE BATON (again) — In 1980 Past Master Dean Alexander was elected and installed as the Secretary. Brother Alexander famously held that role for 33 years.  Brother Alexander then trained Past Master John Thalacker to accept the duties of Secretary of Irving Masonic Lodge which he has done for the past three years.  But time moves on, and there always becomes a time to make a change.  With training, Past Master and current Chaplain Jimmy Walters is preparing himself to accept the duties of Secretary of Irving Masonic Lodge.  Just as the Worshipful Master deserves the pledge of your support, so does a new Secretary, as he faces the many unfamiliar situations that will come his way.  Be sure to shake the hand of and congratulate Brother Jimmy Walters and all the Lodge Officers stepping up into their new positions.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING INSTALLED — The Building Committee lead by chairman Jackie Martin and assisted by many volunteers installed outdoor lights covering the rear parking lot and front sidewalk.  This greatly improves the safety and security of our Lodge.  Thank you Brothers.

4th ANNUAL MASTER'S WEEK — The 14th District MWSA is proud to announce the 4th Annual Master’s Week.  All Master Masons are encouraged to attend all events with the exception of the Virtual Past Master’s Degree which is open only to PMs and current Masters and Wardens.  The events are as follows:
Day 1 • Monday June 20th • Matchbox  7859 Walnut Hill - Dallas, TX• 6:30pm • Open to all Masons
Event 1 - Goose and Gridiron Night – This event is simply a social night which allows Brethren from different Lodges to fraternize without an agenda.  If you are planning on coming please let Kyle Wahlquist know via
Day 2 • Tuesday June 21st • James A Smith Lodge • 6:30pm • Open to all Master Masons
Event 2 – Incoming Master’s Workshop
Event 3 – Virtual Past Master’s Degree hosted by Love Field Chapter #478.  This Degree is open to all PMs, sitting WMs and Wardens for a one-time fee of $15.
Day 3 • Wednesday June 22nd • Irving Lodge • 6:30pm • Open to all Master Masons
Event 4 – Just a Mason – A 15 minute presentation on the suggested state of mind as one ascends to the East.
Event 5 – Locating Lost Brothers
Event 6 – What the MWSA can do for YOU – benefits the MWSA can offer you and your Lodge.
Day 4 • Thursday June 23rd • Scottish Rite Cathedral • 7:00 pm • Open to all Masons, Family and Friends
Event 7 – St. John’s Day Festive Board – We strongly encourage everyone to attend this celebration of the ‘Changing of the Masonic Guard’  The ticket price is $20 per person and will include a BBQ buffet, a transition of leadership ceremony and Key Note Speaker R:.W:. G. Clay Smith, Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge of Texas!  To RSVP to the St. John’s Day Festive Board please contact Chris Livingston via email at by June 21st.

Irving Freemason Newsletter MAY / JUNE 2016



IN MEMORIAM — Brother Meredith “Bo” Bolger was born at Pilot Point, Texas on December 23rd 1930. He petitioned Irving Masonic Lodge for the three degrees in Freemasonry in 1954.  Brother Bolger was Initiated on December 20th.  At that time Brother Bolger was working as a shoe salesman.  He passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft on November 28th, 1955.  Brother Bolger was then raised to the degree of Master Mason on January 6th, 1956.  He owned and operated Meredith Bolger General Insurance Agency for over 50 years in Irving.  Brother Bolger laid down his working tools on May 4th, 2016.

We dedicate this bulletin to the memory of Brother Meredith “Bo” Bolger.  Our prayers are for peace and consolation for his family.

INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS — Irving Masonic Lodge #1218 A.F. & A.M. is pleased to announce the Open Installation of Officers on Saturday evening, June 25, 2016 at 7:00 P.M.
This Ceremony is open to all Masons, their friends, family, and all who are interested in our Lodge and the Masonic Fraternity.  The ceremony is enlightening for those who are not familiar with the intent and purposes of this ancient Order of Freemasonry.  Refreshments and a reception will be held downstairs in the C. J. Range Memorial Hall after the installation.  Be sure and invite your friends and neighbors.  The Election of Officers will be held at the June 14th Stated Meeting.  The five elected Officers are: Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The remaining officers are appointed by the incoming Worshipful Master.

BLOOD DRIVE — Brother, there is no substitute for blood when needed at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.  Look for the Bloodmobile at Irving Mall next to Los Lupes restaurant on Saturday June 4th, Noon – 6:00 PM.

LAST CALL FOR ANNUAL DUES — On June 23 the Lodge must close the book and those who have not paid their 2016 dues will be subject to automatic suspension.  We hope that we do not lose you from our membership due to being suspended.  If the Lodge is required to suspend a member for non-payment of dues, it means that all Plural Lodges and appendant bodies are required to suspend him also.  Your dues card should read “Dues paid through 12/31/2016”.  If you are facing this and have a serious problem paying your dues, please contact the Worshipful Master or the Secretary.  (972) 253-5600          2016 Annual dues are $125.00
Mail to: Irving Masonic Lodge — P.O. Box 170397, Irving, Texas 75017

VANDALIZED A/C UNITS REPAIRED — Thieves had cut and hauled off the copper lines of our air conditioning units.  Our Building Committee has overseen the repair and Brother Jerry Wicker has solicited quotes for security fencing.  Friend of Irving Masonic Lodge, Jerry Donaldson of Jerry Donaldson Air Conditioning and Heating repaired and filled the units at a reduced cost.

OUR DEDICATED WORSHIPFUL MASTER — As we end the Masonic Year of 2015-2016 we want to take time to thank Worshipful Master John Samuel, whose term of office will come to a close. Worshipful John Samuel has dedicated seven terrific years serving as an Officer of Irving Masonic Lodge #1218.  It is not always an easy job, nor is it always convenient to do those things which a man is called on to do as an Officer of a Masonic Lodge.  Thank you John! — (972) 253-5600



Monday March 14
6:00 PM Monday get-together

Tuesday March 15
6:30 PM Ritual Instruction   (Study club)

Saturday  March 19
6:30 PM Community Builder Award Presentation  (covered dish dinner)

Monday March 21
6:00 PM Monday get-together

Tuesday March 22
6:30 PM Ritual Instruction   (Study club)

Thursday March 24
6:30 PM Past Masters, Officers & Ladies dinner at China Uno

Monday March 28
6:00 PM Monday get-together

Tuesday March 29
6:30 PM Ritual Instruction   (Study club)

Monday April 4
6:00 PM Monday get-together
Order of the Eastern Star Chapter Meeting

Tuesday April 5
6:30 PM Ritual Instruction   (Study club)

Monday April 11
6:00 PM Bulletin preparation

Tuesday April 12
7:30 PM Stated Meeting + light meal at 6:30 PM

Save the date …

Saturday April 16
4th Annual 4 man best ball golf scramble

Saturday April 23
6:30 PM Golden Trowel Award presentation

4 MAN BEST BALL GOLF SCRAMBLE — Do you play golf?  Do you know someone who plays golf that you could pass them a sign-up form?  Could you offer a prize for the drawings?  Could you Sponsor a hole?  Could you volunteer to help before and/or during the scramble?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, please see a member of the golf committee: Bill Adra, Kevin Kasky, Mark Tilley, Gene Waldrum, David Gisler

Our scramble will be held on Saturday, April 16, at Bear Creek Golf Club within DFW Airport with a shot gun start at 1:00 PM and a BBQ Buffet to follow with awarding of prizes and drawings.

FOURSOME ………. $400

Irving Masonic Lodge
PO Box 170397
Irving, TX 75017

Include your name, foursome names and how to phone or email you with updates.

COMMUNITY BUILDER AWARD — Irving Masonic Lodge is proud to announce that Mr. Bruce Burns has been selected as the recipient of the Community Builder Award for 2016.

This Award will be presented at a covered dish dinner in his honor on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 6:30 PM.
Your presence will be greatly appreciated by Bruce and our Lodge.  We hope to see you there!
The Lodge will provide the meat, drinks, and bread. All others are asked to bring a salad, vegetable or dessert.

HELP WANTED — Every Masonic Lodge elects and appoints Masonic Lodge Officers to execute the necessary functions of the lodge's life and work.  As the new Masonic year (2016 – 2017) approaches, Brother Senior Warden Carl Roberts prepares to be elected Worshipful Master of this Lodge.

The structure of the progressive "line" of officers is for a Brother to spend one year in each position learning the position's duties and a portion of the Masonic ceremonies.  Advancing through "the chairs", until he is elected as Worshipful Master.

Tradition allows no politicking or campaigning for an officer's position.  Any man, regardless of his social, business, or economic position outside the lodge room, may aspire to be Master of his Lodge.

The annual installation of Lodge Officers happens in June.  Make your wish to serve as an Officer of the Lodge known to Senior Warden Carl Roberts.  He will be happy to answer any questions you have.

80 DUES CARDS REMAIN UNCLAIMED — Contact Secretary John Thalacker for assistance  
Annual dues are $125
Irving Masonic Lodge #1218
P.O. Box 170397
Irving, Texas 75017 — (972) 253-5600